May 29, 2003

bleach and translation

Gregory pointed me at the link to a translated manga Bleach.

I read the first three volumes licketysplit last night. It definitely feels like a Shonen Jump comic. Perfect for little boys to read. I enjoyed it very much.

It was weird reading it translated into English. It came across as being more juvenile than I think it may have if I were reading it in Japanese. I'm not really sure. Reading it translated also helped me realize that dialogue is pretty sparse and what an impact the illustrations have on if I like a series or not.

I was very impressed with the quality of the way the translation was applied to the pages of the comic. I don't know how good the translation is, but the writing flowed well.

I have an issue with subtitles in videos as well. They are great for getting meaning out of the dialogue but my eyes keep flicking towards them whether I want to read them or not.

I always fight with myself whether to get the Japanese DVDs for a video right away which is expensive but immediate, or wait for it to come out to the U.S. which would include subtitles and maybe extras, and best off all, much cheaper.

The times I have waited, my interest has petered out to the point that I don't usually pick up a U.S. version unless I had missed hearing/watching it during its Japanese release, or until after all the volumes come out and I can get it for a discount or I happen upon it at some store as an impulse buy. Guess I'm more the type that better strikes while the iron is hot.

Posted by izumi at May 29, 2003 03:01 PM


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