May 30, 2003

Naruto 35

I've decided I'm going to play around a bit with writing episode reviews. Hopefully this way will let me hide them behind a link. There are most probably spoilers ahead.

Naruto 35 felt kind of like a bridge episode to me. It took us from the conflict of the last few episodes to a new level of conflict after a bit of a lull. We see the return of (name) from earlier episodes in this arc as he leads them closer to the tower. I'm still trying to figure out if he's a good guy or not. He seems it, but being a ninja it's hard to tell. Especially when this test is involved. He does give some good insight into how the test is taken. As I should expect by now there's lots of interesting ways to look at taking the test. While one might go through and just fight and kill all the enemies they run into, another might collect scrolls to use to bargain for help in a later test.

I kind of liked this episode, though it was definitely a bit slow compared to the last few. It looks like the next one we get a bit more of that Naruto shadow replication action. can't wait!

Posted by snooze at May 30, 2003 07:31 AM


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