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June 02, 2006

not much change

Greg's family met again today with the doctors. Although there hasn't been solid improvement, they have found a medication that is stablizing his heart rhythm, but he still having a problem maintaining a steady heart rate. The doctors are encouraged, and will keep adjusting things as long as they keep finding things that work.

Greg is very sick. He won't be able to stay on the ECMO much longer. His lungs are holding, but the doctors are very concerned about infection because his defenses are down from the immunosuppresives they're giving him. The next two days are critical.

Eleanor asked me to extend her thanks to those of you who have been calling and leaving supportive, loving messages for the family. They really appreciate it and know you all understand that now is a very difficult time for them and they often don't have the energy to take many calls, or make a lot of return phone calls, but they feel blessed to have the support of all of you.

Keep the prayers and healing energies flowing. love you greg.

Posted by emily at June 2, 2006 06:13 PM

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i saw this in the comments, just now. i knew things were getting critical from what Eleanor has said, but this is hard to hear. still, it's very good news that they found something to help stabalize his heart.

Greg, i really do believe you can hear us. fight a bit longer, please. we really, REALLY want you to stick around and be with us. i JUST bought a massage chair and i'm LEGAL in CT in a few weeks. don't you want to be, like, the first person in that chair?

please. i'm sending you everything i can spare. don't leave us.

Posted by: sirhc_warrior [LiveJournal user info] at June 2, 2006 09:00 PM

You are total crazypants if you don't accept Chris's offer above. I mean, SERIOUSLY? At any rate, I fail to see why that wouldn't be enough to get you on your feet again. Don't prove me wrong here, there's no reason to be that perverse.

From my end, I don't have anything that obvious to offer (come on!! best thing ever, just pass Go and collect!!!), but I'm expressing what I can including all kinds of "sekrit info" and whatnot. Cos that's totally fair as far as entertaining you ONCE YOU ARE OUT OF THERE AND REASONABLY A-OK. Therefore, work on that A-OK portion.

Fair? One hunnert-percent! And that you haven't even finished watching BLEACH yet?!! To be fair, I myself haven't even started, but considering what I hear about it?! Dude. Get with it. I emphasize that indeed, sometimes these little things can contribute heavily to the most important stuff. THEREFORE, take part!!! Please note I'll do MY part in assisting that, just at the moment I need YOU to get on it. So! Go! get on it!!

Posted by: tashewolf [LiveJournal user info] at June 4, 2006 12:03 AM

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